A trailblazing entrepreneur, Roslyn Ellerbee stands as a logistics and supply chain maven, notably shaping the industry through her visionary leadership. 2012, she founded Express Errands & Courier to revolutionize the delivery landscape. Originating in Jacksonville, NC, and swiftly growing to serve 10+ states, it serves various industries, from medical to entertainment.

Ellerbee’s strategic prowess and commitment to efficiency have propelled the company to unparalleled success within the logistics sector. Her keen understanding of supply chain dynamics and innovative approaches have solidified Express Errands & Courier as a powerhouse. Recognized for her transformative impact, Ellerbee exemplifies a dynamic force in logistics, seamlessly blending innovation and strategic excellence, making an enduring mark on the ever-evolving supply chain world.

She is a recent graduate of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council’s (WBENC) Executive Leadership Capstone Program in partnership with IBM. She has been a proud Customized Logistics and Delivery Association member and serves on the membership committee as an ambassador to help companies optimize their membership experience.